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Tan Me Up Baby!
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Tan Me Up Baby!
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Tan Me Up Baby!
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Tan Me Up Baby!

The Bronze Bodies Experience


Bronze Bodies combines a premium spray tan and luxurious skin care treatment all in one easy system.

Our State of the Art Tan Booth

The booth provides a truly unique, high-end and simple experience unlike any other on the market. It is the perfect combination of products for a total skin rejuvenation and spray tan treatment. Its equipt with state of the art features to give you a completely effortless experience in only 2 minutes!

Features include;

 Eloquent open booth design provides an unconfined, fresh air experience.

2 extremely fine mist spray nozzles for an even full-body coverage.

Infra-red heating that creates a warm and comfortable environment.

Step by Step Voice Prompting for each of the four positions. 

Instant Comfort Drying to leave your skin warm and dry ready to red-ress.


Our 3 Specifically Designed Solutions

Our custom made solutions are made with 100% natural ingredients and specifically designed to be used in the state of the art booth to emit the finest mist for non blotchy, perfectly even and long lasting results every time.


Our Prep Solution

Formulated with Cucumber and Melon to provide your skin with an instant shot of moisture and vitamin rich Amino Acids to balance your skins pH levels. This creates the perfect environment for the fastest, and deepest development of your tan. Your skin will be left feeling silky and smooth for days after your treatment.

Premium Bronzer

A blend of DHA, Bronzes, Nourishing Moisturisers and Aloe Vera to give your skin a healthy, natural looking, light or dark bronze glow. It reflects your own individual skin tones and are guaranteed to not throw an orange colour when used in conjunction with the other solutions in our “Ultimate Tan” service.

Anti-aging Moisturiser

Locks in the colour and boosts the depth of your spray tan instantaneously, creating a magnificent deep, dark and long lasting result. It provides the skin with high concentrates of rejuvenating vitamins, and nourishing anti-oxidants. Your skin will feel silky                                                                       smooth and free of any tackiness from your sunless tan treatment.

Our products are;

100% UV Free, Paraben Free, Ethylene Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, 100% Vegan, Non- Comedogenic, Eco Cert Approved DHA, Environmentally Friendly and  Australian Owned and Operated

Open by appointment only.

Late notice and after hours appointments welcome. Appointments after 8:00pm will incur an extra fee


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Call or text for an appointment on 0405403500

Open by appointment only. Late notice and after hours appointments welcome.