Get Your Tan On
Tanning is not just a special occasion thing... It's a Lifestyle
Tan Me Up Baby
Glowing skin
Is Always In
Tan Me Up Baby!
Great Tans
Don't happen by accident they happen by appointment
Tan Me Up Baby!
Life is better in a bikini
And a bikini is better with a tan!
Tan Me Up Baby!
A Tan Is
The best accessory for any outfit!
Tan Me Up Baby!

Pre + Post Care

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Pre Tan Tips

  • MOISTURISE your skin each day leading up to your tan, dry skin could leave your tan patchy.

  • EXFOLIATE your entire body, especially your feet, ankles, hands and wrists using our professional grade exfoliating mitt at least 24 hours before your treatment.

  • SHAVE OR WAX at least 24 hours prior to your tan treatment.

  • WEAR NOTHING remove all jewellery and wear nothing on your skin the day of your tan, this means no lotions, creams, deodorants or perfumes, they all inhabit the tanning process.

  • PUT BARRIER CREAM (supplied for free in-store) on your fingers, palms of hands, toes and edges of feet just before you get your tan.

Post Tan Tips

  • WEAR LOOSE FITTED, DARK COLOURED CLOTHING after your tan, avoid wearing a bra, shoes or anything else that may cause rubbing.

  • RELAX and allow your tan time to dry, no physical activity or gym until you have washed your tan off.

  • SHOWER, for best results have a very quick shower 2 hours (for a lighter sun-kissed glow) up to 6 hours (for a deep exotic tan) after your treatment. When rinsing off the top coat, do not use body wash or soap and gently pat dry your skin rather than rubbing.

  • TAN EXTENDER is to be applied to the skin every second day to extend the life of your tan or every day to build a deeper colour.



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